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 Stealth - Active

Requirements: Hiding , Stalk
Chase Walk
Max Level: 5
Type: Supportive
SP Cost: 10
Upkeep SP Cost: 10 + 2*SkillLV per 10 sec
Upkeep SP Cost (WoE): 50 + 10*SkillLV per 10 sec
Target: Self
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: None
Duration: Sustained
Effect: Walk behind your enemy while hiding. All detecting skills will not be able to detect a Stalker in this mode. The stalker can not attack and he will become visible when his SP runs out.
Furthermore, attacks that impact the area that the stalker is in will end this skill thus revealing the stalker.
The Stalker leaves faint shoeprints on the ground while using this skill. Walking speed is reduced, but this can be compensated with higher SkillLV. Can be used during Guild Siege, but costs 5 times as much SP.
After a delay of 10 seconds, it will increase STR for 30 seconds.
[LV 1] Walk Speed 70%, STR +1
[LV 2] Walk Speed 75%, STR +2
[LV 3] Walk Speed 80%, STR +4
[LV 4] Walk Speed 85%, STR +8
[LV 5] Walk Speed 90%, STR +16


 Counter Instinct - Active

Requirements: Divest Weapon
Sword Reject
Max Level: 5
Type: Supportive
SP Cost: 5 + 5*SkillLV
Target: Self
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: None
Duration: 300 sec, or 3 Reflects
Effect: When in PVP mode it has a chance to reduce all sword and dagger damage by half and returns the other half to the attacker for 3 hits. Works on monsters regardless of their weapon.
[LV 1] 15% Chance of Reflection
[LV 2] 30% Chance of Reflection
[LV 3] 45% Chance of Reflection
[LV 4] 60% Chance of Reflection
[LV 5] 75% Chance of Reflection


 Preserve - Active

Requirements: Intimidate
Max Level: 1
Type: Supportive
SP Cost: 30
Target: Self
Cast Time: 1
Cool Down: None
Duration: 600 sec
Effect: Allows Stalker to not change the skill learned via Plagiarism even when hit by a different skill for duration of the skill.


 Divest All - Active

Requirements: Divest Weapon , Divest Shield, Divest Armor, Divest Helm
Full Strip
Max Level: 5
Type: Active
SP Cost: 20 + 2*SkillLV
Target: Enemy
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: 1 sec
Duration: 60 + 15*SkillLV sec
Effect: On player in PVP: Takes equipped weapon, shield, armor and helm off player and prevents a reequip of ANY weapon, shield, armor and helm for a certain time. On monster: reduces Attack by 10% and DEF by 30% for the skill's duration.
Full Chemical Protection counters this skill. Success Chance is (5+2*SkillLV)%.
[LV 1] 7% Chance
[LV 2] 9% Chance
[LV 3] 11% Chance
[LV 4] 13% Chance
[LV 5] 15% Chance

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