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Jman here, using my super hax powers to edit Cyxult's post biggrin.gif

I have noticed a lot of spam posts here in the RO News section, ones that shouldn't be here. It's getting redundant and annoying to see these posts, just for gain of post count, which gets you noting here. While we enjoy the News that everyone posts for us, there are going to be a few new rules for everyone to adhere by to make this section less spammy.

First off, all posts must contain credit. The Administration has been getting complaints about news being posted here without the proper credits. Please include them. If you don't know who provided the information, please put 'credit due to where it is needed. I do not know the exact source' or something similar. Failure to provide proper credits will most likely land your post into the trashcan.

Secondly, there is no need for these 'thanks for the information'. I know that people are only doing this for post count, and it is NOT going to be allowed anymore. It is annoying and pointless. If you need someone to thank, thank the person who picked up the leaked information, NOT the topic poster, and DON'T do it here.

Also, if you need to post 'this patch is boring' or something like that, please provide more specific information. Short posts like this will be removed.

Please adhere to these guidelines to make my job and your life much easier.
Cyxult's post edited and expanded. Please read these new guidelines.
To the above, 'when will 3rd jobs be released' posts are NO LONGER ALLOWED HERE.

This is your last warning, EVERYONE is getting tired of seeing them, so they will be deleted. Repeat offenses will likely land you a warning.
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