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eAthena Support Board > 6/1/2009 kRO Maintenance
Sakray Renewal Server

- User Interface has been changed.


- User interface design has been updated.
- Shortcut key customization added (To customize hit esc -> game options->shortcut customize)
- Dialog window is by default non active.
- Press enter to activate the dialog window, and escape to cancel typing.
- F1 ~ F9, Alt, and Control combination can be used while dialog window is active.
- With the customize function available, battle mode has been removed.


- Basic Information window design has changed.
- Option icons are located below the basic information window.
- Friends and party window now have additional details.
- On the skill window it now displays additional info on one line.
- The equipment window and status window have been combined into one.
- Option window has been added. To access press escape, where you can access the graphics, sound, and short cut key options, as well as character select/exit game.
- The window that appears on death is now updated.
- The dialog window is updated. The display is now different if the dialog window is active or not.
- 1:1 chat and dialog window have been given a new transparent design.


- All existing ragnarok shortcut keys can be customized on the shortcut key window.
- You can now use esc to close open windows as well as the input window.


- Some features that were deemed low usage have been removed (skill level adjustment, minimap magnification).
- Because the equipment and status window have been combined, the shortcut keys have changed (Alt+A shortcut has been removed).

Planned changes

- A 4th skill bar will be added.
- Other changes based on your feedback.

Credtings for translations: Doddler
Good changes
Smack-Talking Pie
QUOTE (Rytech @ Jun 2 2009, 03:52 PM) *
- Some features that were deemed low usage have been removed (skill level adjustment, minimap magnification).

fck how do i use warm wind now oh god

Well, it looks like some lucky testers don't get to use their skins anymore.
Maybe it just means adjusting the skill level on the fly with a wheel? Still seems sucky to take that out though. Same with mini-map magnification. Was it really a big exertion on a server to include it? I know I find it useful in complex maps to see the right path, like glast heim.
Smack-Talking Pie
The "mouse wheel" on my laptop's touch pad is just a smaller segment with bars on it. It doesn't work like a mouse wheel should. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only case.
Awesome another skill bar O.O
nice. (#
Someone have a interface's picture

I liked hp bar. x3
If they're going to renew the interface, they could make things a bit more aesthetically pleasing. I mean, some of the bars could have a nice gradient, and perhaps a new window style (not like the Auction or Quest though sleep.gif).

Still, it'll be interesting to see this in play.

I personally don't like it that much. Some things are quite nice but all in all it seems Gravity is geared to WoW or any other random rpg.
QUOTE (Rytech @ Jun 2 2009, 10:52 AM) *
- With the customize function available, battle mode has been removed.
- Some features that were deemed low usage have been removed (skill level adjustment, minimap magnification).

Are you they serious? Removing battle mode is stupid. A lot of people have been using it since like forever and now they decide to remove it. Unless the new system is better, I'm not happy with this.

So how does this work? Its in perma-battle mode and to chat you hit enter?

What happened to the emoticons window?

Skill Level Adjustment removal...another stupid mistake.....
Their was a patch release on June 5th that added a emoticon LUD file and a client release. So im guessing its fixes to the new UI. It looks real nice from the shots ive seen on iRO Wiki. From what ive herd, the new keyboard shocrcuts for the skill bars...or something can be fully customized. ill be looking into it once the next patch and client release comes out.

The "new battlemode" isn't that bad. You can choose which keys to use for which shortcut. The image I posted before shows this option. By pressing enter the chat line appears where you can chat just like it has been before. If the line is empty and you press enter it disappears again.
So basically you are on "battle mode" all the time unless you press enter to talk. Since from what I observed in the previous screenshot, you can assign single letters/keys to be your shortbut.
It's alot like WoW interface now tongue.gif
What the fuck on those screenshots showed here makes it looks like wow?
More hotkeys? LIKE ALL GAMES GOT? They just made them show at same time, they were invisible before.
Configurable hotkeys? Like it should have been since the fucking DAWN OF TIME?
Unless you didnt know, all modern MMORPG games will have UI's that will look similar and work similar to one another. How else do you want it to look??? Please stop compareing everything you see to WoW. This is not WoW, this is RO. Big difference.

Im really happy to see that you can easly access all the emoticons easly. in the past you were limited and had to do something like /e25 - /e30 something like that to use the extra emoticons. Now you can access them all easly.
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