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eAthena Support Board > Ragnarok Renewal Opening Notice
This is the Gravity © Ragnarok Online Development Team.

This notice concerns "New Ragnarok, the 3rd Generation", the Ragnarok Renewal and more.

In July 24th 2008, the Ragnarok Renewal server has opened, and through testing, and feedback gathered from various online and offline gatherings, and user opinion surveys, the renewal test has progressed much since then.

The Ragnarok Renewal brings many great changes, such as the addition of 3rd classes, the raised level limit, and many changes to the game system and mechanics, and while the feel is a little different than before, we're convinced you'll enjoy this itteration of Ragnarok.

Date: June 17th, 2009 - Scheduled Maintenance

Renewal Update Contents

[Basic System Changes]

- Breaking the level limit (Max level increased from level 99 to level 150)
- Required experience for leveling up has decreased
- Experience and Drop values change based on character level.
- Skill casting time changed.
- Physical and magical attack power formula changed.
- Physical and magical defense power formula changed.
- Hit and evasion formula changed.
- Attack speed formula changed.
- Critical attack formula has changed.
- Simplified job change.

[Additional System Improvements]

- Quest Notice Icons
- Storage Update
- Skill Shortcut Window Improvement
- Hotkey and System Command Remapping
- Improved Novice Training Grounds
- Leveling Tutorial Series Quests Added
- User Interface Improvement
- Buff Timers Added
- Skill cooldown and aftercast delay indication Added

[Future Improvements]

- Party System Update (Planned for testing on Sakray R on 6/17)
- Updated Over-Refining System (Planned for testing on Sakray R on 6/17)
- Improved Monster AI

[Other Changes]

- Monster Releveling / Arrangement Changes
- Quest difficulty and compensation adjustments
- Existing skill rebalancing
- Existing defense values of equipment have changed

* Character's will be allowed to take a one time Stat and Skill reset.

With great effort from all, through the Ragnarok Renewal we hope to bring you a continuously improved Ragnarok Online experience. To all our existing customers and newcommers to Ragnarok Online, we are proud to receive your support.

Thank you.

© Gravity - Ragnarok Online Development Team

[Basic Systen Changes]

* Breaking the Level Limit

The maximum level has increased from level 99, and max stats increased to 120.
See if you can reach these new heights.

* Decreased Experience Required for Leveling

The amount of experience required to level has decreased.
Escape the tedium of grinding, allowing you to enjoy Ragnarok more.

* Experience and Drop Changes Based on Target Level

Based on the player's and targets level, you'll receive a bonus (or penalty) to experience.
Depending on how much your levels vary, you can gain between 140% experience max, to a minimum of 10%.
Item drops vary from 100% max to a minimum of 50%. (Boss monsters are excluded)

* Skill Casting Time Change

The addition of Fixed casting prevents you from obtaining instant cast through your stats.
The fixed casting portion of casting can be reduced via specialized skills and items.
The variable cast time is influenced by your stats, items, and equipment.

* Physical and Magical Attack Power Formula Changed

Physical Attack - Equipment Attack power now has a higher weighting than status attack power. However, with both high status and equipment attack power, you can do even more damage.

Magical Attack - Magic weapons now give a fixed amount of magic attack power, with rod type weapons being the strongest for casting.

* Physical and Magical Defense Formula Changed

The original % reduction system has been changed, and defense limit has been increased.

* Hit and Evasion Formula Changed

The stats that increase hit and evasion have increased, and the base numerical value has increased.

* Attack Speed Formula Changed

Because of demand for faster attacking and faster attack speed, the attack speed formula has changed and the upper limit has increased.

* Critical Formula Changed

Criticals have changed from regular attacks that bypass defense to strong damaging attacks. With the changes, we hope that Critical based characters can level on a wider variety of maps.

* Simplified Job Change

First class job change quests have been removed, once you reach the required job level of 10, you can change directly into your desired occupation.

[Additional System Improvements]

* Quest Notice Icons

NPC's that advance or start quests will display on the minimap, and an emoticon will be displayed for the NPC. While at first only new quests will have this feature, eventually all quests will be updated.

* Storage Update

Currently storage is only organized on consumable/equipment/other, but now these types are expanded into consumable/cash items/armor/weapon/ammunition (arrows, bullets, etc)/cards/other. Additionally, you can also chose to sort your storage alphabetically or search your storage.

* Skill Shortcut Window Improvement

The skill shortcut window has been expanded from 3 lines to 4, and you can now display all 4 skill rows at once. Also added is the new quick slot. (The 4th shortcut row and quick slot will be added to Sakray R on June 17th)

* Hotkey and System Command Remapping

In the new Shortcut Key Options Window, you can now remap all your shortcut keys and system commands to whatever key combination you'd like.

* Improved Novice Training Ground

The tutorial portion of the quest has been improved and amusing and easy to understand illustrations added. We hope this will make it a little easier to get into the world of Ragnarok. Also, there is a new 1st job skill trial program, and job change time has also decreased.

* Leveling Tutorial QUests Added

From level 11 to 85, a new series of tutorial quests are added, that guide players to appropriate hunting zones and provide useful rewards.

* User Interface Improvement

Unused shortcuts have been removed, the interface windows have been joined, the size is smaller, and should be easier to use.

* Buff Timers Added

Beside each buff icon is a timer bar that indicates its remaining duration.

* SKill Cooldown and Aftercast Delay Indication

When using a skill, the Cooldown and Aftercast Delay are displayed on the skill shortcut window by graying out skills that cannot be used.

Credits for translation: Doddler
yay, thats very awesome.
Im very happy to see about those updates
Wow, i really want to see in action all of this *-*, specially the Additional System Improvements
Are there any updates from the eA Ragnarok Renewal Taskforce? How's it going thus far... and what's a reasonable time frame when players can expect to see a working Ragnarok Renewal on eA private servers?
some of the eAthena members are working on the Ragnarok Renewal for eAthena servers but its not actually official compared to the work of the real devs. But if your willing to wait untill next year. Maybe eAthena will work this also. As some official ragnarok online servers will also have the ragnarok renewal system by the end of the year as i heard. Let us just support the project and keep posting updates smile.gif
om nom nom updates

I wish they could just give a buff timer based on a mouse-over of the icon that displays the time left, though, instead of the weird timer system they have now
Yay, so now more people can help in the developement ohmy.gif, such great news
Eh hopes it work lol
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