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eAthena Support Board > 6/18/2009 - 6/19/2009 kRO Maintenance
06/18 Temporary Maintenance

- Players logged out on removed maps will be returned to their save point.
- Adjusted items required for 2nd job change quests to items in line with the user's level.
- Corrected a bug with Fin Helm and Iron Cain defense.
- Corrected a bug with the Arch Bishop quest and improved the quest support.
- The location of the umballa quest location in the Yggdrasil tree has been moved.
- You can no longer drop the wolf flute under any circumstances.
- Corrected an issue with the quest minimap display.
- Reward experience for the novice training grounds have been improved.
- The supplies given to an archer is changed from 100 arrows to 1 arrow quiver, 1 fire arrow quiver, and 1 silver arrow quiver.
- Becaue the Umballa dungeon is removed, you can no longer warp to the dungeon using the 'Dungeon Teleport Scroll'.
- Corrected abnormal drops for slave monsters.
- Eddga's spawn map has been changed to Payon Forest (pay_fild10).
- Corrected a problem with selling or dropping 3-1 quest items.
- Corrected an issue with the cash hair stylist.
- Corrected an issue with the Incubus pet.
- The sword guardians that appear in WoE:SE have had their attack power decreased.
- Fixed a problem with the 3rd job cart and falcon NPC's.
- Corrected an issue with the Ranger Job Change map.
- Changed it so pressing the esc key after opening a chat room will no longer close the chat.

06/19 Temporary Maintenance

- Compensation event has started.
- Corrected an issue with learning some 3rd job skills.
- Corrected a bug with assumptio.
- Corrected a bug where cards that increase specific magic damage were not working.
- The world map now has an option to display the recommended level.
- Fixed character information UI.
- Changed the level range for colors when mousing over monsters. Monsters above level 10 will show in red, and monsters 16 levels and lower will show in grey.
- Corrected the sprite for the cash shop merchant on the free server.

Credits for translations: Doddler

Surprised! ;D

Oh well, it's good that they found bugs and fixed them 1 day after tongue.gif
Umbala dungeon was removed? WTF?
As well as other maps... (Fields for example)
What is new in the patch:

6/19/2009 ??? Because my Patcher patch today 6/18/2009 & 6/19/2009
why is umbala dungeon removed? o_O
Updated the first post and added info for the 6/19/2009 maintenance notes.
Ah nice.. thank you

- Changed the level range for colors when mousing over monsters. Monsters above level 10 will show in red, and monsters 16 levels and lower will show in grey.

This is avaible in the newest SVN too?
probably not.
they need to test it and code it and shiz
and they might not even do anything related to renewal changes.
but if they do give it like 2 years or so.

That feature is on RagRE clients.. and it depends also if the monsters in eA is related with the renewal changes..
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