Common Patch

- Corrected the dagger Krieg[3]'s option "Backstab damage + 15%" only increasing damage by 10%.
- Corrected the dagger Whenha[2]'s weight being 5 instead of the proper 50.

- Corrected the one hand staff Croce Staff[1]'s option that when using heal it would cast blessing on the heal target and not the caster.

- Corrected the one hand staff Staff of Thea[1]'s option "Low chance to recover 200 SP" was not removed when de-equipping the weapon.

- Corrected the two hand staff Chronos's invoke option triggering on physical attack instead of magical attack.

- Corrected the two hand axe Gigantic Axe[1]'s option "If str is greater then HIT + 10" giving ATK + 10 instead.

- Fixed the "HP Increase Potion" and "SP Increase Potion" having their images reversed.

- Fixed some episode 13.2 items so they cannot be transfered or stored.

Main Servers

- The boss monster of the brazil localized map "Boitata" has had his minion Piranha's changed to slave type monsters.

- You can now create up to 10 customized message windows. New message window information was also added.

- On the World Map screen (ctrl + `), you can now use 'alt' to toggle field names and 'tab' to toggle the monster map.

- On the party and friends window, added the function lock button. While function lock is enabled, double click (1:1 chat) and right click (popup menu) are blocked.

- The F12 key can now be used to show/hide skill rows. The rows are displayed in order row 1-> row 2 -> row 3 -> row 4 -> hidden -> row 1 -> etc.

Sakray Test Server

- When using a skill that consumes items, it will no longer show up on the item drop message display.
- Corrected it so that when attacking with arrows the item drop message window would not show arrow consumption.

- Fixed an issue where the Sorcerer could not properly activate the skill "Spell Fist".

- Made some changes to Wanderer Minstrel skills.

> When using Voice of Siren, immobile monsters (Plants, Barricades, Guardian Stones, etc) will no longer follow you.
> Fixed Metallic Sound's SP damage option.

Credits for translation: Doddler