Common Patch

- When you have chat windows open, when another tab displays a message it will not automatically switch focus.

- Corrected an issue when using a skill on yourself, instead of using your own ID it said it was cast by 'Someone'.

- Removed the message window option "Display party member aquisition experience".
- Corrected a crash issue related to message input during loading.

- Fixed a bug where if a chatroom was resized, character names could disapear.

- The following skills were fixed to not affect the Emperium.

> Genetic Skills: Thorn Trap, Blood Sucker, Hell's Plant
> Sorcerer Skills: Warmer

Main Servers

- Added one new rental item, the 'Christmas Card'. When you open the Christmas Card box, you'll also receive a 'Fortune Egg 4'. Fortune Egg's will be available for 2 weeks. (The eggs give randomly old card albums, cards, potions, and equipment).

- Applied wanderer and minstrel skill balancing.

Sakray Test Server

- Updated the item requirements for the holy thread quest.

Credits for translation: Doddler