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eAthena Support Board > 5/19/2010 - kRO Maintenance
Common Patch

- Changed it so that items that add a chance of monsters dropping a specific item will no longer function on quest maps.

Main Server

- The experience increase for baphomet server has ended.
- Thanatos server will recieve 20% bonus experience as a result of winning the 3rd server vs server siege.

Sakray Test Server

- An NPC that can remove quest window entries for past events was added.

- Changed the physical defense formula.

- Adjusted balance of Shadow Chaser and Genetic skills.

Shadow Chaser

Auto Shadow spell

* The duration and probability of level 10 of the skill has increased.

Triangle Shot

* Damage formula changed.


* Regular detecting skills will no longer reveal invisibility, and the SP consumption has decreased.

Masquerade (all masquerade skills)

* Variable cast time increased, skill success rate adjusted.

Feint Bomb

* The back slide range is determined by the skill level used.
* Damage formula adjusted.

Body Paint

* The chance of causing blind and decreasing attack speed are changed.


Cart Tornado

* Damage formula changed.

Cart Cannon

* Damage formula changed.
* Using the skill will consume one 'Cannon Ball' item. The cannon ball is the same as the ones used by mechanics. You will need to equip the cannonball like an arrow.

Spore Explosion

* The damage formula is changed from magical damage to physical damage.

Fire Expansion

* When fire expansion level 5 is used in combination of demonic fire, the number of acid bottles used is decreased from 2 to 1.

Hell's Plant

* Damage formula changed.

Howling of Mandragora

* Skill success rate adjusted.
* When affected by the skill, fixed cast time is increased by up to 3 seconds, but is different depending on skill level used.

Create Bomb

* When hit by a banana bomb, the probability of effect is changed.

Credits to Doddler for the Translation
Ahhh, finally the Genetic balance updates are being done. Now to wait and see when they will make them official in the main servers. Surprised on the Shadow Chaser balances too since I thought they were finished with them, even tho they need some more balancing. This gives hope for any other jobs that needs another tweaking.
They didn't fix the storage bug in 2010-5-11, how about this one?
Mind anyone to post effective changes, like time secs and damage %? tongue.gif

- Changed the physical defense formula.

Changed in what? :<
Ok, patch contents time...:

data\lua files\skillinfoz\skilldescript.lub


big one -> 2010-05-19data_x.gpf;
data\lua files\datainfo\jobname.lub ..\npcidentity.lub
data\sprite\npc\4_misty.act(.spr) ..\4_necoring.act(.spr)
data\sprite\아이템\ (spr and act for new sorcerer elemental related icons)
data\sprite\이팩트\ (not sure what this folder usually contains, but theres 12 act and spr for a Female Priest)
data\texture\effect\star01.bmp (and 02, 03)
data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\ (bmp's for new sorcerer skill icons)

4_misty is an Assassin with Brown Cat Ears and a Cat Tail, 4_necoring is a poring with the same.
Not quite sure what the headgear (남_고대요정의귀) is, but it only has a single sex.
why not put some screenies
Oh my god.....THESE ICONS ARE SEXY!!!!

These look very unique in ways, well most of them. I was able to change the file names for those priest sprites into kroean and translate them. Their the names of skills the elementals use and the folder their in is translated to the name Effector (or effects I guess). Their all names of skills they use when in passive mode. I dont know what their supposed to do, but im sure well soon find out once a diff for the new client comes out. Same thing for those star pic's which are probely for some new skill animations.
Yea they look nice.

I knew Sorcerer was going 2 get more skills heh (it had like 10 compared to most classes with 18)
New NPC Sprites

When will gravity include the job system in those lub files :(
QUOTE (KoRRuPT @ May 18 2010, 10:49 PM) *
They didn't fix the storage bug in 2010-5-11, how about this one?

Yeah, even 2010-05-18 hasn't been fixed yet. I think they forgot the existence of their own features. :/
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