Common Patch

- Monster race event has ended.
- Made it so that you cannot use a catalog item while you have the shop lookup window already open.
- Fixed an issue with the way the shop lookup window was displayed.
- Corrected a bug with the solo play box.
- Fixed a bug related to the strange mice quest in Brasilis.
- Fixed the description of the Mercenary skill 'Brandish Spear'.
- The buff icon mouseover for the magician skill 'energy coat' will now display time remaining.

Main Servers

- Baphomet server 30% drop event has ended.
- Shop lookup event has ended. All bronze catalogs will be removed.
- Updated the new series of paradise group quests.
- Fortune egg event has ended.
- Added UI option for automatically screenshotting 1:1 trades.

Credits for translation: Doddler