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2010 Q4 RO1 & RO2 Updates

Hey Guys,

Been a great while since I last posted here.

Sorry for the delay with things, we're trying really hard to kick off the end of this year going into 2011 with alot of content. I'm going to go over alot of stuff in this post incase some of you guys might have missed the some stuff. Also I have some updates regarding RO2: Legend of the Second.

RO1 - ENTER Renewal Continuation Phase II.

We're finally entering Phase II of the renewal developments, now most of clients and databases around the world have been either updated, or in the process of being updated soon. This was a very LONG process to see each country get stabilized so that going commercially would be a smooth transaction. I must say - I'm very proud of the development team pulling it off with such little mess ups.

Now things are alot more organized in the development pool.

SO what does Phase II contain?
Well mainly balancing issues, Bugs, and un-released 1st phases implementations. I don't want go into the details with the nitty gritty with Stats, HP changes, Aspd, etc. since it's still going to be tweaked around with till it's well stable. So for now - I'm gonna explain some new features and content that'll be release soon between the next few months.

The team have already had plans to develop a 2nd 2D layer that stacks on your character sprite, but this time, it'll be shown BELOW and ABOVE. The system for the new 2D Layer known as CROSS 2D, we can set the new sprites to appear Above or Under the character avatar in any given frame.

So whats the point of the new 2D Layer?
Simple - Players will now have more customizable options - In the Player INFO tab there will be something called Customize Character, in there a player will be able to change and rearrange accessories.

Heres a Sample of what you can expect:

So yes in short - Wings, Bages, Accessories, Etc. will be added soon.

On our end we've been experimenting with more 32bit sprites looking to utilize this further - Players will be able to see some of these in the upcoming patches with our Mobs. I can't go into details why or what we're planning it for, but it's mainly to give you players a much richer experience.

Next are the New Mounts/Rides:

I previously did a talk about these with Rafa over at Ragnatales some time ago. Now you'll be able to get more details on just what these are for, and how to obtain one.

SO what do these do?

1. They're currently planned to be Cash mounts.
2. You can not attack with these.
3. Your mount does not change as you job change.
4. Each mount is currently Job specific.
5. Some will empower the user with a special buff.

Future PLANS:

1. Lvl specific Mounts with Added Features.
2. Mounts that Evolve.
3. More Equip-able gear to each mount.

NEW Rune Knight Design :

I've talked about this before as well with Rafa over at Ragnatales in an interview, explaining and teasing new art works of the re-designed Rune Knight.

Heres a Sample:

SO what do these do?

1. Currently they're slated for Cash ALT. outfits. 1 of Many to come.
2. Nothing else.

Future PLANS:

1. More Job Alts.

New Homunculus S:

New Maps:
Currently we're looking at Indonesia [Dewata] and Nightmare Scarab Dungeon.
Up Next are - Cat Island, Izulde Dungeon Expansion, Bio Labs Expansion and Alfheim.

Izulde Dungeon Expansion:
Now Let me explain alittle about the Izulde Dungeon add-on. It'll be only accessible through certain Net Cafes in Korea for certain period of time, currently the plans are for 3 months. However this might all change, later on. The point of this new business model is to keep close relations with their Cafe partners who still cater to Gravity exclusive games. This is also to drive alittle more attention back to Izulde as a new chapter will start to unfold.

Now don't be alarmed if you think you'll never be able to play at Izulde's new floor...because you will. After the promotion, the mobs EXP and stats will change, as the gate to the new floor will be unlocked to everyone. However, I can't promise if this expansion to explore will be accessible through Cash or not.

Bio Labs Expansion:

Preparations will soon commence for the implementation of the new mobs which will feature the remaining 2-2 Rebirth jobs. [Paladin, Champion, Gypsy, Clown, Creator, Stalker, and Professor]

You'll be able to find them in the Labs at the 3rd floor.
Also - their AI functions and use of party skills will be modified. This will allow everyone a fair chance to explore the Dungeon now. The mobs will feature party skills to reclaim their toughness.

A new location which is actually a location from the pervious Ragnarok2 :Gotw - This time though players are finding themselves in the footsteps of Satan Morroc. As you'll learn the story between the mighty Thanatos who once slane the demonic Satan Morroc. Discover how the two crossed paths, and learn much more about Alfeim and Morroc.

Players can expect a new version of the Satan Morroc and a new Foe that joins the parade of chaos.

The Story is going to go back to the roots, this time to build up more story with-in Rune-Midgard itself. This episode's story is actually being composed by Mr. Lee Myung-jin - so expect some reference's from the Manga, that could lead up to new twists for the manga itself.

Expanded Jobs:
I know alot of you guys been asking WHEN are they going to come out, and honestly I can NOT disclose WHEN the date will be. However, I can assure you that you can see these within Late 2010 into sometime 2011.

1. The 1st one to be released is the Expanded Super Novices. As players will now have a larger skill pool to choose from. "Hyper/Ultra Novice" [name might vary]
2. Next will be the new Gunslinger & Ninjas. As Gunslingers will be promoting new single shot skills to save bullet consumption and Ninjas will be able to Change their battle stances and formation giving them more battle options. Early/Mid 2011.
3. TKs & Soulinkers - Mid/Late 2011.

WoE Guild Expansion:
This is roughly simple to explain, Guilds can now further INVEST on their guilds bases to expand the dungeon into lvl 2. The more you invest, the more you can start inviting other users to pay to visit your dungeon.

Also - Expanded collection of Treasure Boxes, that will feature some new items.

Other Plans for Guild Expansions have not been finalized yet.

RO2 News to Note:
I've been getting many requests about giving you guys RO2 updates, as I've said before after CBT I would be focusing on RO1 for awhile. Though, that doesn't mean I can't give you some of the latest.

1. New Design for the character models have been arranged. New design to test Feedback
2. Male and Female are FINALIZED. No promises for CBT#2 though.
3. New Stat Builder system is being arranged.
4. New systems that was NOT added to CBT1 will be arrange for testing.
5. More user content such as different Quests and junctions between users.
6. Fixing graphics and other bug issues from before.
7. Fixing Server stabilizability based off of the findings from CBT#1.
8. When to Expect CBT#2: Between Dec. 2010 - Early 2011.

Well guys, I hope this helps organize and sum up everything thats going to be happing in the next few months. Please leave a comment, as your feedback is ALWAYS welcomed as we'll try to find ways to improve your RO experience. I'll still try to update everyone on the latest as always - just been really busy. @_@

See you guys at Live 2010. ROK ON!

Source: Revolution - Ragnarok Online Blog
I have never read the word "cash" this many times in a text before.
I think it summs pretty everything up that will be happening in / with RO in the near future and i'm really excited for the new Sprites that the 3rd Cls. will be getting even if they're only Cash Items.

If it's already been postet or explained here in eA earlier i'm sorry and just delete this Topic.

Edit: Counted the word "CASH" 3 times tongue.gif
Au R oN
mounts are official! i already saw these screeens from a jRO post.
The new Rune Knight looks really awesome, the original always looked like a Power Ranger to me <<
But I hate these new mounts! If every class has a mount, wheres the uniqueness?? Besides that, the Mastering animation looks like its on speed or somthing like that XD And oh how creative: Let's give the Ninja a frogmount <<
Anything else looks and sounds quite good, looking forward to new offical Lhz3-Monsters biggrin.gif
hell yes, i want an ultra novice <3

looks like all good news to me, unless the new izlude thing will never be accessible to people who dont pay~
Gross, wings.

For the rest: awesome. I'm happy they're going to lay back a bit on the new world thing.
Wow, nice that old RO is still updating ^__^.

I've got an question, and it's not "when 3'rds will done"... but wite, I'm so confuse. I really don't know if 3'rds are, or not. I read that iRO had done testing renewal (great), kRO seems to done it ages ago... and on serwers I play there are no renewal changes or 3'rds. Also this subject is about what? eA, SVN serwers (that anyone could download?) if it's, why in 1'st post are such a words like "pay" or "cash".

I just asking you to explain me situation. Very, very thank you.
good news , are all people can use this mounth and customize for free ? and when KRO Release it? LOL~

Sorry im newbie
Guess what Gravity will use the Mobs Sprite of 2-2 released here hahahhaha

Just guess but this definitely will save time
QUOTE (randell1993 @ Oct 22 2010, 12:32 AM) *
Guess what Gravity will use the Mobs Sprite of 2-2 released here hahahhaha

Just guess but this definitely will save time

save time? gravity have paid pro spriters and u think that they'll use another one? emotionless.gif
Smack-Talking Pie
QUOTE (Masao @ Oct 21 2010, 04:56 PM) *

i am so utterly fucking disgusted by this that i won't even bitch about you using revolution as a source
Out of all the cool things a gunslinger could have they give him a peco. Props to Gravity for originality
When I saw those wings...I vomited. What a ripoff from private high rate servers, and the most uncool one...why do they force people to watch so hideously looking sprite additions in RO, they look so fake, really guys, a priest with big angel wings? come on, why are You doing that, this is so cliche!
+1 for mounts and new Rune Knight sprite.
QUOTE (Damag3d @ Oct 22 2010, 10:15 PM) *
When I saw those wings...I vomited. What a ripoff from private high rate servers, and the most uncool one...why do they force people to watch so hideously looking sprite additions in RO, they look so fake, really guys, a priest with big angel wings? come on, why are You doing that, this is so cliche!

You said exactly what i wanted to say... Wings suck.
And bio3 expansion... it's so obvious...
Only good thing is new expanded jobs... I hope they will get same level/stats as 3rd jobs. Current renewal is so imbalanced - expanded jobs are screwed up - taekwons and supernovices are useful only for soullinked brewing...
In pre-renewal supernovices in skilled hands were quite powerful, yes, low HP but heal + instant cast + offensive magic = win.
Gunslingers in renewal are... well, absolutely useless.
Some interesting news considering I'm playing in a Renewal Server I'm quite interested as to when these new additions will come out and how exactly they will work.

I'd also like to know what they mean by "cash" does this mean using RL money for those mounts and stuff or zeny? or is it just another form of money in-game?

They lake a little bit of originality, GX mount rocks, Sorcerer mount adorable and so friggin cute I just want one, but I hope these mounts don't consume skill points as 3rd jobs already don't have enough of those, Ninja, well let's face is it's a Naruto ripoff, GS, what happened there? Novice, I can somehow understand it being a poring and therefore it being a mastering since poring isn't big enough but the animation is terrible.

New Homunculus? Yeah I've heard of this "mutation" thing that'll give allow you to transcend your Homunculus into something new that can go till level 150 and gain new skills along the way, I just home my little blob of jello with something like a core in the middle won't turn out to be that weird glass monster.
Uh, Manga? I don't see a Ragnarok manga anywhere, I've seen the crappy animation but I've never seen a manga, how did I miss that? Where is it?

Byalan Expansion? Awesome, finally going back to the roots and doing changes it's about time something happens for the old leveling spots, this'll attract more people back into those dungeons again.

Uh, Biolabs 3? 2-2 jobs.. well great I already died and suffered a huge shock from going there once or a couple of times now their making them even stronger and adding other jobs that'll help them defend themselves, skilling a assassin cross, sniper, lord knight and whitesmith (Yes I am a rebellion because the name Mastersmith sucks) was hard enough even with 2-2 classes or 3rd jobs and now their getting expansions, just great.

Uh to the wing problem, I like the idea, I don't like the design, wings shouldn't have been added and if so then at least their wings and not some spiriters wings, I could bet that some spiriter that has retired or may actually even still be active would recognize these wings as his or her own. And as a side note to that, double dagger on the back of a Wizard? aejrnperbnvpurbrg WHAT?!

Ok that's it from me (:

Thanks for the update, and @2nd poster, what's the problem with using Revolution as a source?
Well, it's not a Manga but a Manhwa, cause it's from korea.
And it was waaay better than the shitty animation, but unfortunately Lee Mjung-Jin never finished it, so there are only 10 Volumes q_q
Also some designs for 3rd Jobs were clearly inspired by the manhwa, eg the Guillotine Cross, the Warlock or the Rune Knight.
Ahh, he's currently on Hitaus I see.
Still haven't found the manga anywhere, or manhwa as the koreans like to call it which sounds odd..
Ew @ mounts and wing accessories; the mounts looked a lot better in concept but now that I'm looking at it actually pulling through I dislike it.

No more wings crap plzkthx. There's already a game based on making your character as pretty as possible with trying to have the most enormous goddamn wings possible: it's called Aion.

Thank god they changed the RK sprite. Bikini armour is a terrible idea and everyone who makes designs for games needs to stop it right now. They look much more regal now and now I think they actually do deserve the title of 'knight.' I won't say I like it 100%, as I still feel pretty apprehensive about it, but seeing what Gravity has been puking out as of the recent years, I will just say it's a decent effort.

Lastly, fuck bio labs. Shit's old, not interesting, re-used every time new classes come out, and would only be interesting if they told the entire story behind it instead of leaving us to wonder what the fuck the Rekenber Corp. actually did to them.

expanded jobs: I only care about how stupid they'll look with art designs. I wait with bated breath.
I didn't like the gunslinger mounts, is ridiculous use a mount that's already on knight.

I liked the news, except it.
Smack-Talking Pie
QUOTE (ShadowFlash @ Oct 23 2010, 04:10 AM) *
Gunslingers in renewal are... well, absolutely useless.

Mostly due to a level cap of 99, with a side of poor weapon selection (albeit a +10 gatekeeper-DD prior to renewal could hit like a train in re-entry with the right elemental/stat bonuses). Hopefully the third class will give more obscure builds (E.G. FUCKING GATLING GUNS) a chance.

QUOTE (Nameless2you @ Oct 23 2010, 01:50 PM) *
GS, what happened there?


As for the wings, they're overused. Way overused.
holy shi.....

too much change...

good luck eA!
I think that for the Gunslinger, we might all end up bying Davven's Motorcycle. Haha.

Otherwise, wow.. the mounts sprites looked way better when they weren't moving. ohmy.gif
Is it only me or the Male Rune Knight wears white Jeans with the mail? Hahahah.
And well... like most of you, I am really deceived by the Wings.. I hate wings!!! D:
They should have saved their time by fixing bugs rather than creating wings.
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