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eAthena Support Board > 12/22/2010 kRO Maintenance
Common Patch

- Christmas Event added.
- Event NPCs removed from Malangdo island.
- Updated the buff icon description for the status effect 'Freezing'.

Main Servers

- The Dark Lord Server 30% increased drops event has ended.
- Fixed Lightning Walk working off of area of effect magic instead of just targeted magic.
- Corrected it so that a target that is in White Imprison cannot be damaged with Gravitation Field.
- Applied a fix to the issue where Golden Thiefbug Card users would still be affected by the status effects of Frost Misty and Marsh of Abyss.

Sakray Test Server

- When reaching base level 99 and job level 99, a Super Novice character can expand their level limit. In order to do so, go to the Aldebaran Super Novice job change NPC Eselay.

Credits for translation: Doddler
Super Novice is getting better...I wish its max level is also 150..hehe thumbsup.gif

nice patch..
if kRO maintenance
Expand til what level? 120? 150?
Well I just looked at the data and im scratching my head and going....WTF. I saw a new jobinheritlist.lub and skilltreeview.lub out of a bunch of lub files were added. So I checked the inherit file and saw JT_SUPERNOVICE and JT_SUPERNOVICE_B which is Super Novice and Super Baby. Ok. Then I search around for Novice and find JT_SUPERNOVICE2 and JT_SUPERNOVICE2_B.....ok??? Then I do a client scan and found the Super Novice job tag for the regular ID 23.....then found it again after the Baby Chaser one. The 2nd Super Novice tag had 2 ID's assigned to it which are 4190 and 4191 (Adult and baby version).............ummmmm.......ok this doesent look right, but I doubled checked and its true.

As is right now, when getting the level cap raised on your Super Novice, you end up going through a job change in reality, but it wont look like it in the server. So it appear Super Novice (23) will change into Super Novice (4190 a different version) while Super Baby changes into Super Novice (4191 yes because the new Super Novice job name tag is assigned to its baby ID, so its a bug in the client?). So thats a bug im guessing. But the fact that your still a Super Novice perty much is messed up.....BUT.....a 2nd job skill tree gets added onto your skill window. This should be exciting right? So I edited my inherit file to show ONLY that tree to see what skills Super Novices going past their old level cap limit would get.....................................................and this has got to be the most saddest skill tree ever.

I dont even know where to begin on this one. I see Iron Hand on here, which is usless since Super Novice cant use knuckle type weapons. Tho its required to get access to spirit sphere skills. Ok. So once I get Call Spirit Sphere to level 5 and summon them.....what the fuck am I supposed to do with them? I have no skills that use them. THen we have a few buffs added, a few traps, some passive skills, magic skills.....and then my eyes lands on Magic Crasher. A trans skill from the High Wizard. Were they thinking of adding trans skills?

Just to sum it up here, I think Gravity released here something that might be part of the path to the new Hyper Novice job and youll have to be like level 110 or 120 base before becoming one. My guess. Im not counting this as a final review until it ends up in the main server. I sure do hope theirs more to this coming soon.
Yes, if I remember it correctly, Gravity plans to put an exntension jobs for Super Novices, which most likely Ultra Super Novice or something like that.
Rytech, try reducing your skill window, maybe there are too much skills to fit inside the large one like the skills obtained with cards (ex: tp1 with creamy doesn't show up in large skill window). confused.gif
Didnt make a difference. Same skills are still displayed when in list view. Im sure this is a small part of the expansion of the Super Novice to its next job, tho its kinda weird feeling. ill get a better feeling once I get it coded into 3CeAM and also get more info about this ID and what Gravity is goina do.
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