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eAthena Support Board > 1/12/2011 kRO Maintenance
Common Patch

- Corrected a mistake with the Super Novice job weight limit.
- Corrected an issue with the newyears event.

Main Servers

- The Great Angel Wings is added to the cash shop (available for 6 weeks). The Giant Angel Wings is a garment that is visible on your character.
- Added two costume items to the cash shop.
- The 200% drop event has ended.
- Lowered the difficulty on some of the 2nd job change quests.

Sakray Test Server

- Corrected an issue with the activation of the skill effect 'Sage Link'.
- Corrected an issue where some skills did incorrect damage to plants, mushrooms, and similar monsters. (Throw Kunai, Throw Huuma Shuriken, Psychic Wave, Soul Breaker, Cart Tornado).

Credits for translation: Doddler
Route of the Wings:

can someone share the wing / new two custom cash item ? LOL~
The customs are in another folder, i don't know if you need to change some in the source, because i never can put a Garment with ID-View.
Costume items?
Well this week's patch is a interesting one because of what they added. Ill get straight to what they added....

First they added IMF files for both sex's for Ninja and Professor. They even added....guess updated sprites for Star Gladiator, Ninja, Ranger, and Professor. I have no idea what the difference is between the old and new ones.

Next is the real interesting part. They added a lot of new lub files, a new directory for some of them, and the jobinheritlist had a good sized update since it now contains server side aegis job tags and ID's for the new rental mounts (not sure why). I dont exactly know what all the new ones do so ill let Waeyan explain once he figures them out.

New LUB files....

data\lua files\datainfo\spriterobeid
data\lua files\datainfo\spriterobename
data\lua files\datainfo\spriterobename_f

data\lua files\skillinfoz\jobinheritlist

data\lua files\spreditinfo\2dlayerdir_f
data\lua files\spreditinfo\2dlayerdir_남
data\lua files\spreditinfo\2dlayerdir_여
data\lua files\spreditinfo\2dlayeroow_남
data\lua files\spreditinfo\2dlayeroow_여

Im confused on this next one....in the data\sprite\로브\천사날개\여 directory where all the wing sprites for the female are, they also added the female mechanic mado sprite, dancer with pants, crusader on peko, wedding dress, and even weirder the female GM sprite as well as the female2 GM sprite (the one that we know of as the mado gear now, except it has no paint job and has a small mini head on top of it. Was supposed to be a GM mount?) Watching the sprite in action in a viewer made me laugh seeing the little guy stear it around. Did you know translating the name of the sprite the file name was called Operator?
"Great Angel Wings?"
brb vomitting everywhere, oh joy now kRO has shitty fucking faggoty wings, happy happy joy joy.

data\lua files\datainfo\spriterobeid

Considering the name, it may be another 'slot' like headgear that's visible on your character, garment/robe (!!). Pretty awesome, I hope it is so that we can have scarves and stuff and not take up the precious lower headgear slot.

Still waiting for shield/weapon lubs sigh~
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