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eAthena Support Board > 05/18/2011 - Maintenance
Common Patch

- Family Month event has ended.
- The secret option of the event item "Pure White Cloth" is removed.
- The Schwarzwald region Kafra's Lilas and Altima and the Cool Event Corp NPC illustrations are updated.
- Corrected map errors on ein_fild01, comodo, and mid_camp.
- Updated the text description for the Orlean's Uniform and Morpheus Hood.

Main Servers

- Corrected an issue where when a Guillotine Cross used Poisoning Weapon it would use the max level instead of their current level learned.
- Corrected an issue where non assassin jobs would receive the aspd bonus from consuming a poison bottle.
- Corrected a bug where cursed Circle would not always work.
- Corrected the item 'Cure Free' not removing the Bleeding status ailment.
- Corrected the Salamander Card's option to improve firepillar damage not applying correctly.

Sakray Test Server

- Corrected an issue where a Wizard could damage themselves with their own firepillars.
- Corrected a bug where Rogue type characters could not plagerize skills from the Biolabs 4f monsters.
- Corrected an issue with the Homunculus Elanor where it's grappler type skills would not deal damage.
- Corrected a bug where Land Protector would partially dissapear.
- Corrected an issue with the Mora pool quest.
- Corrected an issue with Aimed bolt where instead of doing multiple hits it would only hit once.
- Corrected an issue with the Cat Club weapon where it wouldn't trigger the charm effect.
- Increased the area of effect for Homunculus Dieter's skills "Lava Slide" and "Volcanic Ash".

- Made the following adjustments to 3rd job skills.

Arrow Storm
* Fixed cast time is removed, variable cast time changed.
* Skill cooldown time is increased.
* Area of effect is increased.
* Damage formula is changed.

Fear Breeze
* Activation chance increased.
* SP cost increased.

Aimed Bolt
* Fixed an issue where it would not do correct damage even if the target was trapped.
Electric Shocker
* Duration time increased.
* The SP drain each second is greatly increased.

Cluster Bomb
* The damage is now influenced by your level of Trap Research.
* You can no longer place cluster bomb directly beneath an enemy's feet.
* Damage formula is adjusted.

Warg Bite
* Skill cooldown time is now different for each skill level.
* The targets stats no longer affect the duration time.

* The movement speed increases with each skill level, with at level 5 you move at normal speed.
Firing Trap/Icebound Trap
* Firing Trap now deals fire element damage, and Icebound trap Water element damage.
* Damage is now influenced by your level of Trap Research.
* Damage formula is adjusted.
* Status success rate is increased. (60% ~ 100%)

Arm Cannon
* Changed from being a ground target skill to being a targeted skill with an area of effect.
Magnetic Field/Neutral Barrier/Stealth Field
* Skill Cooldown time decreased.
* Skill SP cost changed (except for Stealth Field).
* Magnetic Field - Before: 90-90-90 -> After: 60-70-80
* Neutral Barrier - Before: 90-90-90 -> After: 80-90-100

Vulcan Arm
* Changed from dealing single target damage to damaging all enemy's around the target.
FAW Silver Sniper/Magic Decoy
* You can no longer have your cast interrupted while casting a FAW skill.
* Silver Sniper/Magic Decoy HP greatly increased.
* Silver Sniper/Magic Decoy duration time increased.
* Silver Sniper's attack power increased.

Dismantle FAW
* Increased the range of the skill
Axe Boomerang
* Skill reuse time decreased.
* Skill range increased.
* Skill damage formula changed.

Infrared Scan
* Skill reuse time decreased.
* While hovering your character is no longer affected by Sura's Windmill and a Royal Guard's Moonlight Slasher.

Guillotine Cross
Venom Impress
* Venom Impress range increased.
Cross Impact
* The damage of cross impact is now influenced by your base level.

* The damage radius of comet slightly decreased.

Rune Knight
Hundred Spear
* Range Increased.
* Skill cooldown time increased.
* Damage is increased a little.

Dragon Howling
* SP cost reduced.
* Fear duration time reduced.
* Skill cooldown time decreased.

Shadow Chaser
* You cannot place a manhole overlapping an existing manhole.

Wanderer & Minstrel
Song and chorus skills are split into two groups. Skill effects in one group will not overwrite skill effects in the other group.
[A Group]
Swing Dance
Symphony of Lovers
Moonlit Serenade
Windmill Rush
Echo Song
[B Group]
Voice of Siren
Deep Sleep Lullaby
Circle of Nature
Song of Mana
Dance with Wargs
Saturday Night Fever
Lerad's Dew
Melody of Sink
Warcry of Beyond
Unlimited Humming Voice

Credits to Doddler for the Translation.
Wanderer & Minstrel
Song and chorus skills are split into two groups. Skill effects in one group will not overwrite skill effects in the other group.

Talk about clunky mechanics. Gravity impresses again.
I just can say that i really like the patch and fixes for the 3rd Cls. Skills, gravity is really catching up and showing some great improvements in skill balancing of the new jobs, tho the old jobs also still need a lot of reviewing in my opinion.

Guessing from my own feeling from now on in about 1 year i would say gravity fully finished balancing all new skills and implementing 3rd jobs / mechanics, looking forward to it.
i like a new balancing system for 3rd class...but i think now mechanic more great than RG.... [ have a big HP ] ahahahaha....i love this update.... [ than before ] =,="
QUOTE (Masao @ May 18 2011, 03:14 AM) *
* The damage radius of comet slightly decreased.

thats kinda suck. :|

QUOTE (Masao @ May 18 2011, 03:14 AM) *
Rune Knight
Hundred Spear
* Range Increased.
* Skill cooldown time increased.
* Damage is increased a little.

not bad
even the SC Time increase
its cool that DMG and its range increase. ( Even a little biggrin.gif )
Here's something interesting. The old skillinfolist.lub file was 152 KB, but this week's patch replaced it with a strange one that has a size of 301 KB. I didnt know what to think about it until someone said passive skills were now level selectable. So I tested the file and the results were very interesting. It appears EVERY skill is level selectable. Passive, active, even the active ones that wernt is now selectable. So chances are Gravity may be setting it up like this....

Example 1:
Your a Monk and use Triple Attack, which is passive. One may want to lower the skill level to increase the % chance to trigger the skill, raise it to increase the ATK% damage done, or adjust it in between levels to get a balance.

Example 2:
Your a Monk and are aware of how annoying using too high of a level for Steel Body can be at times. With it level selectable you can choose what you want the duration to be.

Example 3:
Your on the test server and want to test everything to the fullest. Some active skills wernt selectable which forced you to have to reset your skills in order to test each level 1 by 1. But not anymore since you can now just select a level.

So this is a strange, but very good update. What makes this update even more useful is the fact that you can now see the SP requirements of everything, which will allows us to set fully accurate requirements. Their may even be some hidden data in here that could answer some questions.
Cool!! if they will be selectable soon happy.gif
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